Best apps for helping student

You can also change about to-do items and attach photos, PDFs, and presentations, as well as share work or delegate tasks.


It has been a long time for CliffsNotes to be the bane of teachers’ existence, because they provided students a shortcut on their literary assignments. However, let’stwist that around a bit for studentbecause, for students, it doesn’t have to be a cheat. CliffsNotes can propel them to see different parties of an assignment, in addition to actually doing the reading. Moreover,  CliffsNotes supports students with its selection of multiple-choice quizzes, bookmarking of significant passages, interactive character map links for reference. The app is free, but in-app costs of $2 per guide give specific classic literary selections.

Campus Books

In spite of so much about schoolwork going off the digital deep end, books are still often requested, and many thick texts can be super-expensive. It’s essentially true when updated editions supersede older ones and are even more costly to buy or cannot be found used. The app also equips a section on where to sell texts you no longer need for the best prices to support the next student along.


There are lots of news aggregators out there, but Feedly stands out from the crowd in giving a place to hold, read, and share the precise data you need to keep ahead of myriad topics of study. The app accesses with more than 40 million feeds from publications, blogs, YouTube channels, and more, allowing you to connect everything in one place, in a clean and easy-to-read format. Learn new topics and observe keywords, brands, and companies as you delve deeply into your subjects in an organized way.


Everyone, especially students in higher grades, copes up with the challenge of staying held and observing of assignments and associated academic tasks. That’s where WunderList comes in the scene. This app gives the work out of keeping students on schedule. In addition, you can share your lists and collaborate with family or study groups, and the app allows you to sync between your phone, tablet, and computer to connect your to-do lists from anywhere


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