Easygenerator software

Easygenerator is designed as a cloud-based elearning platform. It has been providing cloud-based e-learning software since 2013. The clue is in the name…this authoring tool is concentrated on making relatively basic elearning content quickly.

Easygenerator includes an all-in-one, cloud-based eLearning, and course authoring software. It can be said that it’s a reliable program that makes sure users to effectively build, design, and publish courses for education and training. The application is simple to use, intuitive’ and fully responsive; it gives a WYSIWYG interface where users with no coding skills can simply carry out content. It’s also an ideal tool for SMB’s, corporations, startups, scale-ups, educational institutes, government, and non-profits organizations.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned author, Easygenerator has the right tools to support you make engaging courses. Some of its major functions include: adjust courses & quizzes, publish courses, video/audio/images, authoring, various question kinds, customizations, apply your own branding, support, and security.

Quality of elearning output

You can carry out your own templates and generate responsive designs simply with basic interactions and question kinds. Nevertheless, the design functionality and interactions available are limited compared to other authoring tools. So, if you’re finding to create something that looks and feel really bespoke, with advanced interaction kinds, then this may not be the tool for you.

Speed and efficiency of authoring

As you’d expect, Easygenerator is fast to grasp, and they have pre-built templates to support you get started. You can assign roles to let different team members to review and collaborate on one course using their “co-authoring” function.


Although it’s possible to reuse and duplicate content to use again, this can be a bit of a clunky process. You can do courses in a number of different languages, but there doesn’t appear to be a translation tool or way to control variations of the similar course. This is no problem if you’re generating basic content for specific groups, but it would be a challenge if you envision needing to scale up.

Supported elearning formats

A very basic SCORM compliant authoring tool that carries out basic HTML5 content. Expect quick and basic content, with limited output!


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