Elucidat software

Elucidat helps it simpler for ambitious teams to generate digital learning at scale. It is designed as a fully-cloud based authoring platform, enterprise can respond to change quicker and smarter!

Empower experts to share knowledge and give employees connect to learning on any device. Elucidat helps reduce prices and raise business performance from product training to compliance

Quality of elearning output

Elucidat goes with an extensive library of pre-built templates that supports even novice authors make great-looking interactive experiences. For anyone wanting to innovate, the “layout designer” feature lets you make your own pages without needing to code.

There are some smart elearning examples on Elucidat’sshowcase, many of which can be Gifted into your account to use as a template.

Flexible rules and branching choices are able authors to create complicated, personalized learning paths to bring nice learning experiences. The capability of using social polling, gamification and a whole host of interaction kinds offer a plot of opportunity to hook in learners.

Elucidat’s analytics dashboards give authors with detailed information on how learners are dealing with their course, enabling you to continually test back to

The more enhanced features, as with any platform, can get a little longer to grasp. However, the efficiency pay-off comes later when you store your pages to reuse for future projects.

As a cloud-based authoring tool, it’s simple for multiple authors to run on the same project at the same time. supporting the whole team to meet a deadline. Stakeholders can also make comments on specific parts of a page by using the review feature. Making the headaches passed through with desktop-based tools a thing of the past.

When a course is done, sharing and releasing has never been simpler. Elucidat’s Learning Launchpad lets authors control mobile-friendly elearning portals with ease. Skipping the admin and getting content to learners more efficiently.


Elucidat offers lots of features designed for scaling up elearning production. Firstly, a central asset library means colleagues can share assets across departments. The variations manager centralizes courses with multiple versions into one simple ‘master course’. Child classes then sit underneath it. The parent-child relationship make sense all versions are editable at the master level which saves a tonne of time editing several variations of the similar course.


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