iSpring Suite software

iSpring Suite is known as a PowerPoint-based authoring toolkit. iSpring Suite lets users make slide-based courses, dialog simulations, quizzes, video lectures, screencasts, and other interactive learning materials. The output courses are released in HTML5. With a reasonably low learning curve users can hit the ground working, however may be limited the more they progress.

Quality of elearning output

Because opportunities are you’ve made a Powerpoint presentation before, the quality output of iSpring courses won’t bring as a surprise. Slide-based courses can be adapted and repurposed into more accessible, adjusted courses. The end result looks tidy and professional, but it still has that PP feel!

iSpring Suite gives a series of 14 question kinds, with the capability of creating interactive dialog simulations with branching scenarios. It even offers a library of eLearning assets to pick from, which contains course templates, characters, and more. With that in mind, because of the PowerPoint integration the level of interactivity and customization is hindered.

Speed and Efficiency of Authoring

For founded PP authors, iSpring Suite should get a pretty small learning curve. It allows the creation of basic, responsive elearning courses quickly and simply. Because it’s also accessed directly to the cloud, courses can be uploaded directly online, or stored locally. Although, as you progress further within the tool problems may increase that can hinder production time.

Lack of collaboration cause it hard for teams to be efficient, and with PowerPoint being a prominently Microsoft depended software, Mac users can be left out in the cold. Saving and sending files locally can back the production process complicated, making the online upload option the most viable option.


Learning paths can be built, stored and reused in iSpring for fast access. Finished courses can then be uploaded directly into the cloud for learners to access online, or offline. Courses can be introduced via a Learning Management System, or iSpring’s own LMS.

Although courses can be copied and reused, there is no direct links, which can make updating courses at scale an problem. Branding also can’t be stored locally, so if you have strict brand standards ensure each of your team members have the right settings!



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