Lectora Inspire and Lectora Online

Lectora is known as an older statesman in this arena. The Windows desktop authoring tool has been around a long time, now they have released a cloud-based HTML5 version of the authoring tool named Lectora Online, which provides nice flexibility. when you know how to use it, it can be forceful, but like others of this ilk, it comes with a steeper learning curve than some of the other tools.

Quality of elearning output

There are a lot of pre-built interaction templates available that can be employed as they come or tweaked. Some factors can be varied through the development interface, but for others you may need to use a graphics package to take place of existing images. You can make great-looking elearning content with Lectora; however, you need to be a relatively experienced instructional designer and confident with the tool to do so.

Lectora’s new “Responsive Course Design,” or RCD, feature letsyou create courses in the desktop view. The tool then automatically rescales objects to suit on mobile devices. You can then carry out customizations for each view to suit your desires!

Speed and efficiency of authoring

The steep learning curve makes means you can’t expect amazing output quickly, but if you invest time, you can design web-style content that looks good.

While Lectora outputs in responsive HTML5, it doesn’t automatically do the work for you when it comes to various layouts. You need to design a fresh view for each device, which puts a fair amount of time to the build process.

The cloud-based version of the tool is able to make a review and comment feature, which can speed up your iterations and keep comments from numerousstakeholders in one place.


Lector offers a translation feature to support you scale one course into several languages, but there’s no parent-child relationship between the files. This makes sensethat any changes need to be made to each version individually, which is a headache if you’re dealing with several versions and languages.

Supported elearning formats

Lectora is an online, cloud-based authoring tool which can be connected from any operating system. The tool is highly adjustable with optional programming elements if you have the knowledge to do so!


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