Potential Problems with Education Software

The way to avoid these issues is by making sure a rigorous vetting and selection process, proper implementation, and high-quality training available for employees that will be using the software.


Privacy is one of the biggest problems meeting the education software industry. The rising use of software throughout the education sector makes mean more data is homed and contained by educational institutions. Especially in K–12 institutions, there are privacy issue raised by parents and communities who don’t want every little piece of idata about their students collected, combed through, and analyzed. As artificial intelligence lead its way into the classroom and the internet of things (IoT) collects and transmits information about every single thing that happens within the classroom, the question becomes how much information does a school have the right to gather.


When the data and information an organization has more on file, the prospect of stealing is more attractive that data becomes for bad actors. While schools may not be organizing the most valuable information in the world, payment details and identity related information, as well as sensitive personal student information, may be on file. So, security is paramount in education software. Education software tends not to tout security as one of its hallmarks, but that may vary as more sensitive data is held in educational institutions’ applications.


As technology in the classroom becomes ubiquitous, one of the main problem becomes the potential for distraction. Students headed with tablets and other internet-connected devices are simply distracted from focusing on subject material during class. Implementing classroom management software, which lets teachers monitor and block students from using certain websites. Classroom management has become an integral tool allowing teachers to make sure that their students are on task.

Improper Implementation

While this is a problem in every sector, one of the most glaring potential problem for education software is improper software selection and implementation. If the wrong software is chosen or it is implemented incorrectly, and the institution and its staffs have no idea how to get benefits from the features the application offers, then there will likely be issues down the road.


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