Review Master and Dynamic MA770 speaker

While being expensive and being made from concreate, the MA770 model is a truly option with the combination of modern art and the best sounding wireless speaker that you can purchase for under 2 thousand dollars.

Its titanium tweeter of 1.5 inches and the Kevlar woofer of 4 inches are amplified using a 100W Class D amp. However, the spec does not show how it is really effective to use.

This option sounds rather good. The unique concreate build lets it have a remarkable weight with minimal vibration. At low volume, sound is also good too. At high volume, it can defeat any other wireless speaker. But with this weight, you should be careful in order to drop it on your foot.

When it comes to rock and electronica, it can work very well, but the way it handles guitar or piano voice tunes can not be as similarly good as.

The only other wireless speaker that can be comparable to this one is the Devialet Gold model from Phantom, but this is a cheaper option in comparison with that one.

The major connection option of this model is Google Chromecast, which can be set up easily and conveniently through the Google Home application. The only matter with this is that your other options are Bluetooth or an analogue input.

For this price, the option seems to be designed for iPhone user. Thus, the device does not have included Air Play support or a suitable phono input for an expensive choice. However, it does not come with that. Thus, Apple users will need to use Spotify or Tidal through Google Home, otherwise they may need to plug an Apple TV or AirPlay DAC into that digital input. Also, the device requires a pre-amp and a dual phono to 3.5mm adaptor. This sounds rather upset but you should not care for that too much as the MA770 model is a unique choice of audio art. It sounds as effective and beautiful as it looks and vice versa. In overall, this is still a good option to consider.

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