Review of some ideal electric scooters

E-Micro Micro Falcon X3

In general, the Micro Falcon is an intelligent and sleek item, with a 500W motor. Some electric scooters on the market are considered to be rather difficult and challenging to control, yet this is a light model that is highly appreciated for its motion control, with slope assistance for going uphill and personalized speed settings to suit your ability and your trip.

There are 6 miles worth of battery life with only one charge lasting just 1 hour. There is also the regenerative braking system by which you can charge your scooter on braking and never mind of running out of battery on the way.

RAZOR E100 Electric scooter

This small electric scooter will motivate your children to go outside for fresh air. It is a strong scooter but its speed is limited to 10 miles per hour so that you do not need to worry much that you kids may go too long.

It is rather easy to use, with a push-button throttle and a kick start for safety. You need to assemble at first but parents have reviewed that this is a simple device to get started and be familiar with, which is a great option for their kids.

JSF Urban Sprinter

If you are going to do some short hops with your electric scooter, the Urban Sprinter may be what you should choose. It can be fully charged within some hours and while its battery provides a restricted range due to its small size, it compensates for you with a much lighter frame for folding up the scooter when you do not need to use.

Also, there are a lot of features for you to enjoy. For instance, the handlebar control system will let you keep track of your speed, the battery amount and the mode that you are running your scooter in. You can change into the Eco mode in order to save some energy. It is true that the 180W motor is not the best but it is enough to deal with 10-degree inclines.

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