Review of the most ideal smart watches for kids

There are a lot of various features that you can expect from a smart watch for children. Some of them are made specifically for entertainment while others are for learning purposes.

Fitbit ACE

Fitbit Ace is a kind of Fitbit Alta with a simple app which enables parental controls. This is a truly great option to motivate children to get out of their room for activities. What is more, this small kid’s smart watch is made in order to track daily steps and make the experience better by offering rewards and badges if the children can achieve some goals.

It is water resistant so that you do not need to worry about them when going out and running into a rain. In terms of battery, it can last for 5 days so that your children can wear it to school for the whole week. You can set up a family account if you are able to track your children’s progress easily. The watch face can be customized with 10 funny designs, according to their preferences.

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch

Vtech has made the first smart watch for kids, which comes with a lot of interesting features while the cost is reasonable. This watch is designed with a camera for kids to capture pictures and videos, a motion sensor to track activities and a lot of games and apps to use.

There are more than 50 different 3D effects on clock faces so that children can choose basing on their interests. Last but not least, you can download all your desired games or apps to customize this smart watch.

Kurio Watch 2.0

This smart watch is made to act as a smart phone for the wrist. Similar to a smart watch for adults, it comes with a lot of applications, a camera for capturing photos and the ability to send messages. Other features are a media player, an activity tracker as well as a kit for use with a smart phone. Last but not least, there are two strap options that you can change if you want.

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