Review Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX

A lot of children are interested in capturing pictures so that this watch from Vtech may be an ideal option for them. In comparison with other options for children, the Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX becomes a device with one the most ideal camera functions.

In addition to the camera, the watch also comes with many other features. For instance, it comes with an alarm clock, a calendar and a timer as well. This will let your kid take some control so that they can become more independent in the future. With the watch, your kids can enjoy many different challenges and activities tracked by an integrated motion sensor. The watch is suitable for kids from 4 to 9.

The first prominent point is its camera. If your kid is fond of taking pictures or selfies, the Vtech camera is effective. It provides users with an option to add different effects into the photos. Also, it can record videos and audio files and there is a voice-changing function.

Your child would become more independent when making use of this watch because of its many features. There is a timer, a stop watch and an alarm clock as well as a calendar and a calculator for them to carry out tasks on their own. Moreover, the analog clock has a lot of different layouts so that users can personalize the look with about 50 displays to choose from.

This watch can survive under the rain and your kids do not need to worry if they may sweat during the day while wearing it. However, it is not water resistant so that you should tell your children not to swim with it.

In terms of games and entertainment, the watch is integrated with five games and three activities along with three action challenges. The watch has an integrated motion sensor used to track the progress.

However, the drawback here with this watch is that it does not offer parental control. This is a big minus point as most parents want to purchase a smart watch for their kids just for this reason.

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