Review Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 which is specifically designed for your children

This smart watch with a bright purple color from V Tech is an ideal option for girls aging from 4 to 12 years. It is a new version of the older brother DX, with some differences mainly lying with the design as well as an extra selfie camera.

It comes with motion sensors with compatible apps and other funny games by using the camera. You are able to download more if you want to.

On this watch, users can add more pictures and videos with voice-changing features. This watch is also able to tell time and your beloved daughter can customize the clock display according to her interests.

This is how we love the watch. First of all, the DX2 model is integrated with a motion sensor, which will deliver information to the two motion applications. These apps will motivate the player to jump, run and dance. When they join these activities, the watch will generate lovely sound effects while controlling their steps. There are three interesting games for users to take part in. One of those games is Monster Catcher, in which the player is asked to find and catch monsters in the real world using the camera. Another lovely and funny game to try is Noodle Booster. In case your kids want to play more, you can download games directly from the Learning Lodge.

While there are a lot of things for your kid to entertain with this watch, the device is not just designed for playing. It can also educate your child about the concept of time. Your daughter is able to personalize the digital clock with more than 50 different designs. Also, they can set alarms, make use of the timer and plan a date on their own.

When it comes to photos, your daughter can add stamps, filters and frames to their pictures and videos which can then be uploaded to the computer.

However, this option is not suitable for wearing to school because there is no quiet option on it.

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