The best electric scooters of 2020


As you may have clearly known, Xiaomi has always been famous for its affordable smart phones, but now the M365 proves that the company is also good at making smart electric scooters. In spite of the fact this model does not come with the highest speed, it is designed to offer you a lot of the best application connectivity features.

Along with keeping track of your journeys and the speed at which you move on those hills, you can take a look at how much the battery energy is still remained. What is more, the M365 smart scooter application also brings about many high-quality battery features that you may highly appreciate from a bike.

Other things to give a compliment for this electric scooter include speed, acceleration controls, which are simple to get used to. When you do not need to use the bike, you can quickly fold it and put it in your storage as the item is made from a light material.

Xiaomi has recently released an update for this bike, namely Xiaomi Pro, which comes with extended range. To sum up, this electric scooter from Xiaomi is a good value for money.

Segway – Ninebot ES4 Electric scooter

Segway is the brand that has gained reputation towards electric mobility and the ES4 Electric Scooter model is among the most prominent inventions from this brand. This bike is considered to be an upgrade for other company’s previous products, with upping the motor to 800W in order to reach a higher speed and a longer range. In other words, users will not have to charge the device too often.

Also, the bike is designed with a comfortable footplate and convenient wheels in order to take the bumps better. Its folding design means that you can put it easily to your storage without taking up too much space.

Last but not least, there is a thumb throttle to control your speed and when you want to stop, you can take advantage of one of the three ways by using the throttle.

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