The best kettles for your kitchen

Having a good option of kettle may be important to those who love tea, such as the British or even others who just want to enjoy a cup of coffee every morning.

Kettles, to some people, are just a device to boil water and then they will pour water to their tea cups. However, thanks to technology, kettles have now become more innovative. Let’s take a look at the following kettles to see.

SMEG KLF03: a retro choice

First of all, this kettle from Smeg has a black option or red may be your choice. Otherwise you can go with other shades if you want. The retro appearance works very suitably for its practical design.

The base is handy if you have got an open kitchen where you can get your kettle from different places. Nevertheless, because the kettle is in a square shape instead of a round one, you need to place it carefully to get the right visual effect.

With this kettle from SMEG, you will have a wide variety of temperature options to pick, a removable and washable filter and a capacity of 1.7 liters. At the end of its heating program, you may sometimes run in to some problems and have to determine whether your drink has reached the right temperature. The effect of the lid is so ideal. In spite of the fact that the sound when you turn on this kettle is rather annoying, the Smeg is a premium option for your kitchen.


If the above option is too expensive for you, you can take a look at this option, which costs a lot less expensive.

It is undeniable that the kettle from Russell does not have a multi-temperature setting for your tee and the stainless steel outer look. Nevertheless, it is able to help you boil water very quickly and has a smooth flowing spout while providing your kitchen a pleasing look. If you do not want to spend too much on just a kettle like the options from SMEG, this one is more suitable for you.

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