The best smart watches designed for children

Smart watches nowadays are not just designed for adults. Actually, there are a lot of smart watch models on the market that are suitable for younger users. Some of them may provide user with games and learning activities, which can be good to invest.

The post is going to present some of the best smart watches designed for children, with some smart fitness tracking purposes. Because these are for children, some devices are integrated with GPS tracker by which parents can keep track of their kids to make sure they are safe.


First of all, Fitbit Ace 2 is made specifically for children aging from six to take up healthy habits at an early and motivates them to spend more time with their family members and their friends instead of just playing games. Ace 2 is water resistant that your children can take it into the swimming pool.

What is more, the Ace 2 model is designed with a wide variety of color options. It turns out to have a new animated clock faces, motivating challenges to keep your children moving as well as colorful avatars so that they can customize their profiles in the application. There is also a Fitbit family account by which parents can have more control over their children’s activities.

Garmin Vivofit JR 2

This smart watch from Garmin comes with a lot of functions and features which can make every day of your child a little bit adventurous. You can award your children with points for doing household chores, for instance. The idea for these can be traded for treats so that your children will be more motivated to obey what you tell them.

The color screen and strap are customized, which is soft so that your children will be able to wear the device all the day without being irritated. You do not need to charge the watch too often because the battery can last for up to a year. This may be less, about 6 to 7 months, depending on your use.

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