The newest designs of electric scooters today

Turboant X7 Electric scooter

It is undeniable that the Turboant model is what being inspired by the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. The most notable points are the same matt black aluminum appearance and red accents. However, Turboant comes with better design points.

First and foremost, the battery can be removed and mounted to the handle instead of the footboard. In order words, you can keep your bike indoors at a good temperature for your battery instead of a cold garage or storage. You can also buy spare batteries if you want but they are a little bit expensive.

When it comes to user experience, the X7 is an ideal option to ride, which is both quick and stable. Its bell and light as well as throttle are easy to manage. However, the range on which you can ride your bike is not as long as other competitors on the market.

SEGWAY Ninebot ES2

While other electric scooters may be designed just for fun or for stylish look, the scooter from Segway is made for travelling comfortably. This is also the reason why it is among the top electric scooters today.

In spite of the fact that this scooter comes with solid rubber wheels, both front and back axles are made with shock absorbers so that riders can ride smoothly and there is also a battery recovery used to extend the range. Some other good features to enjoy with this scooter are the combination of both mechanical and electrical braking or being able to set the cruise control and glide.

INOKIM OX Electric scooter

If you are in the market for an electric scooter which you can even ride with difficulties on a muddy field, this item from Inokim Ox is what you should choose.

It is powered by a strong 800W brushless motor placed in the rear wheel with the large lithium-ion battery. These will allow the scooter to drive in a range of 60 miles and reach a speed of 29 miles per hour, which is ideal to enjoy.

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