Useful apps for student in 2020

You never have to be under pressure about how to store excess files from your mobile device as you go through your busy day with the Mega app


The app providess you 50GB of free cloud storage, with all files converts and saved with end-to-end encryption. Mega helps it simple to connect, view, and share files even if they were not uploaded from your mobile device. The app allows you to collaborate securely by chat, text message, or interface with individual or several contacts. You can also connect with the app’s end-to-end encrypted cross-platform audio and video calls and verify the cryptographic fingerprint of your contacts via a separate channel to ensure  they are trustful. Paid subscriptions are provided if you need more storage space.


It makes sure that they always have enough on hand for emergencies and unexpected events. You receive a fair and equitable way of paying for what you need, while splitting prices with your companions and paying off what you owe in a timely fashion with Venmo. Moreover, it can support you to quickly sending money to friends, you can talk with them, annotate expenses, pay for merchandise in stores, track your spending.

Circle of 6

This app helps the world a bit safer for everyone out and about when the campus gets dark, quiet, and deserted. If you’re learning late in the library, you should be able to feel safe, and Circle of 6 allows you to connect with up to six trusted friends nearby who you can count on to have your back if you find yourself uncomfortable with your surroundings for any reason. Circle of 6 automatically sends your circle a preprogrammed SMS message, including your exact location with two taps on your phone. Circle of 6 also access to 24-hour hotlines for safety and data, as well as, an online sexual health resource.


Whatever your subject of study, staying informed is a important part of the educational process. PodBean helps that effort by offering a large range of podcasts on almost any topic. The app has resources that allow you to search for specific podcasts or browse new and trending ones by category, as well as get customized recommendations for new resources


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